The Part-Time Employment Agreement (or Part-Time Employment Agreement) governs the relationship between an employer and an employee with reduced working hours (typically, less than 40 hours per week).

The length of part-time is usually referred to as a percentage of full-time working hours. For example, if full-time working hours are 40 hours a week and the employee works 20 hours a week, the part-time percentage is 50%. This percentage is used to calculate the employee’s salary. For example, if the full-time salary is € 1000, the salary of a part-time worker at 50% is € 500).

The discipline of the part-time employment relationship is contained in the civil code (articles 2094-2129) and in numerous special laws, including the statute of workers (law no.300 of 1970), in the decrees and laws of the Jobs act, in particular in the Legislative Decree n. 81 of 2015 (articles 4-12).

When using the Part-Time Employment Agreement

The part-time employment contract is used to hire an employee (blue-collar, clerk, or manager) who will work for a few hours a day or for a few days of the week, for a few weeks of the month, etc. In particular, part-time work allows the employer to use the employee’s performance for the time strictly necessary, with savings on salary. Furthermore, this employment contract allows the employee to take advantage of the “free” time for family needs or to devote himself to a second job.

The employee’s working time must be precisely described in the contract. The employer may in any case ask the employee to carry out work beyond the established hours (extra work, overtime work, etc.). In this case, the employee can refuse only in the presence of specific reasons (family needs, incompatibility with a second job, etc.).

This document can be used to hire an employee for an indefinite period, in this case, the employment relationship will not have a predetermined duration and we will speak of a permanent part-time contract. Alternatively, the employee can be hired for a fixed term and the contract will have a specific duration established by the parties.

The part-time employment contract should not be used for “on-demand” work. In the latter case, the employee does not work continuously, according to a fixed schedule, but when the employer needs it (he “calls” him). This particular employment relationship is adjusted by the on-call employment contract (or job on call).

What does the contract model contain?

Our part-time employment contract meets all legal requirements. The main clauses of the document concern:

  • Level, qualification, and duties: a description of the activities that the employee will be expected to perform
  • Duration: to choose between indefinite or fixed term
  • Trial period: the first period of work, with fewer constraints for the termination of the relationship, to verify that both employer and employee are satisfied
  • Working hours: to indicate the percentage of part-time and enter the details of working hours
  • Smart working (or agile work): for remote work and to balance work times with private life (work-life balance)
  • The monthly wage of the worker: to specify the wage respecting the minimum wages appropriate to part-time
  • Bonus: to grant the employee an annual bonus at the discretion of the employer
  • Commission: to provide an economic incentive on sales made by the employee
  • Holidays and leave
  • Food stamps

Furthermore, after the purchase we will guide you step by step through all the subsequent formalities necessary for the recruitment and, as an additional service, we will be able to help you in starting and maintaining the employment relationship correctly (payslips, contributions, etc.).

Information you need

All employer and employee data are required to complete the contract.

Remember that our service does not generate a simple facsimile of a part-time employment contract. Based on your choices, the system automatically draws up a customized contract model for your needs, guaranteeing its legal correctness.

The document can be modified in all its parts without time limits. Don’t worry so if you don’t have all the information available right away, you can always enter it later.

Other names

  • Part-time employment contract
  • Part-time employment contract
  • Permanent part-time contract
  • Fixed-term part-time contract
  • Vertical part-time contract
  • Horizontal part-time contract
  • Letter of commitment to hire

Other useful templates and facsimiles

  • Employee Subordinate Employment Agreement: to hire a full-time employee
  • Contract of Employment on Call: to use the employee’s work at intervals of time as needed
  • Seasonal Employment Contract: to hire an employee during a period of the year for seasonal activity
  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement: To protect the information you share with your employees
  • Domestic Work Contract: to hire family collaborators (home helps)
  • Non-Competition Agreement for Employees and Executives: to prohibit the employee from going to a competitor after the termination of the employment relationship
  • Dismissal Letter: to notify an employee of the termination of the employment relationship
  • Letter of Resignation: to communicate to the employer the intention to terminate the employment relationship