How to use Outbound Marketing: the strategy for you that you want results now

Outbound Marketing is going out to hunt for food and satisfy hunger, not waiting for the hunt to come for you. In case you have doubts, whether or not you should use the outbound marketing strategy in your business, I want you to do this exercise with me. Imagine that you are above the weight you want and […]

What is the Sales Funnel, its stages and how to create yours today?

What would you do if you could double your internet sales, generating more traffic and leads? A sales funnel is a watershed in any business. Imagine having an online machine that receives traffic from various channels and transforms it into money that goes directly to your cash register. It would be very good, right? This is possible. A well-modeled […]

How to do creative, high-converting email marketing and examples

What if I told you that there is a simple, low cost and super effective way to drive traffic to your site, improve your relationships with leads and customers, and still increase your conversions? That would be excellent news, right? Well get ready because that form really exists and is called email marketing. Today, it […]

What is B2B Marketing and marketing strategies for your company?

If your client is also a company, what are you waiting for to build a B2B marketing strategy? Who has that particularity in the business, cannot use the same actions that are directed to the final consumer. As you will see in this article, not only are the needs and aspirations different, so is the decision-making process. Your […]

GUT matrix: what it is, what it is for, concept, how to apply and example

If you have the challenge of prioritizing tasks, what you need is a GUT Matrix. Do not you know how it works? I’ll explain it to you right now. To start our talk, I am going to share your pain. Managing a company efficiently and intelligently can be a mission not as easy as it sounds. Perhaps […]

What is Remarketing, what is it for, advantages and tips on how to do it

If you want more conversions and more sales, you must master remarketing. It is a relatively new concept, but with which you have surely already had some kind of contact. Have you already had the impression that some advertising on the internet follows you everywhere? When browsing blogs or searching on Google, we see a series […]

What is Sales Marketing, why it is important and how to apply it?

How about increasing your turnover by building the perfect sales marketing strategy? Bringing the commercial and disclosure areas of the company closer together is not just a recommendation, it is a requirement for those who intend to obtain sustainable growth. Don’t you come following that path? There is still time to check your actions. Are your products […]

What is a Marketing Plan and a Model of How to do yours?

What does a marketing plan need to be perfect? Before starting to detail the strategy of the company, this is an issue that is usually the leading concern. But do not be in a hurry, because I am only talking about one of the stages of the marketing plan – which is not the initial […]

Mental Triggers: examples and how they are used in marketing

You need to pull your mental triggers to fully reach your audience. But how to do it? Before entering that field, what exactly does that concept mean? It is an excellent question that deserves an excellent answer. This is how you will see it throughout this article. Truth be told, managing to arouse the interest and […]