Find out how to open a service company quickly and easily. Let’s see together the steps to start the business, the best way to do it, and the details on the corporate purpose of the company.

What is a service company?

With the service company, one or more people make goods or money available to provide services of various kinds (eg software maintenance or marketing consultancy services). These companies provide services to clients of any kind as well as to other businesses, individuals or professionals.

These companies can operate in different sectors. A typical example is the activities for the provision of services to individuals who deal with the care and beauty of people. Another widespread activity is marketing and social network consultancy for professionals and businesses or the supply of IT maintenance and assistance services.

service company

How to open a service company?

Generally, the first step to open a business is to plan the development of the business. To do this, it can be useful to prepare a business plan. It is a document where the entrepreneur summarizes his idea, the commercial strategies of the company, and the objectives to be achieved. Often in this first phase of the study, the needs of customers and the most requested activities of the moment are analyzed also thanks to the use of prototypes and market analysis.

Another important step is to identify the type of company to start. There are several options. generally, a limited liability company (SRL) is used to provide a service. In this way, the risks deriving from the activity and the related debts are guaranteed with the company’s assets and the shareholders are not liable with their personal assets.

There are several variants of SRL. Depending on the type of business, you can choose between:

  • SRL Ordinary: they have a minimum capital of € 1 and an unlimited maximum capital, the documents that regulate it are freely customized and the members can participate with money or with goods and services
  • Innovative Startups: are SRLs that enjoy discounts and savings on opening costs. Corporate activity, however, must concern the development and sale of products or services with a high level of technological innovation
  • Simplified SRL (SRLS): are SRLs that have some limitations. Their maximum capital is € 9,999, the constitutive documents are not customizable and the members can only be individuals who participate with money. In the face of these limitations, the initial costs of setting up are lower, but the management costs do not change so it is not a recommended choice.

To establish the company, it is necessary to create a statute and a deed of incorporation. These are the documents that regulate the operation and organization of the company and that contain the data of the shareholders. The constitution, in general, is done at a notary. The only exception is represented by the innovative startup which can be established online and without a notary.

Corporate purpose

The corporate purpose of a service company is indicated in the company’s statute and must clearly specify the services that will be provided. In particular, several types of services may be indicated as long as they are compatible with each other and permitted by law. For example, an IT services firm may be involved in both hardware maintenance and support and software development.

It is important that the corporate purpose is neither too broad (e.g. the provision of services of any kind) nor too specific (e.g. marketing consultancy services for gaming sites). It is advisable to write down the main activity without limiting too much what the company could do.

typical example of a corporate purpose is: the company has as its object the marketing consultancy activity, also on the internet, to individuals and businesses.

Additional obligations

To start the business there are also a series of further steps to be done. It is necessary to request a VAT number from the Revenue Agency and specify the ATECO code that identifies the activity carried out. In addition, it is also necessary to register the company in the commercial register. These practices are generally done through the notary or with a professional specialist in tax matters.

Depending on the activity carried out, some additional bureaucratic steps may then be envisaged. For example, to hire employees you will need to register with INPS and INAIL to obtain accident insurance. Furthermore, in order to open a commercial enterprise, it will be necessary to submit the certified start-up report (SCIA).