How to get free subscribers on YouTube: 11 tips for your business

How to get registered on YouTube and use your mass audience in favor of your business?

That is a goal that many want to achieve, not just you.

The market is in search of a highly profitable channel such as YouTube, as its tendency is to offer more advantages in the coming years.

For starters, YouTube has over 1 billion active users.

That represents almost 1/7 of the world’s population and ⅓ of internet users.

Isn’t that amazing?

And even more: By 2020, according to the Cisco survey, 80% of all internet traffic will be concentrated in videos.

We are talking about a forecast for next year.

When it comes to video content, let’s remember that YouTube is the king of resources.

Of course there are other alternatives, but nothing that reaches your feet, as far as the active public is concerned.

As a YouTube channel owner, capturing the user’s attention means growth.

It’s the key to maintaining long-term visualizations.

But that alone is not enough.

You need to get really interested subscribers.

They are the ones who will see, share and engage with your videos, while you continue to create more content.

And more, and more.

To know how to get registered on YouTube we are just in the introductory part.

Are you curious to find out what comes next?

We produced this article as a kind of guide on the matter.

You are going to find out 11 valuable tips that will be very useful to develop your strategy on this video platform and attract the audience in an organic way.

That is, you are going to see that it is possible to get registered on YouTube for free.

Read on and find the answers you are trying to find.

How to get subscribed to YouTube: the importance

How to get subscribed to YouTube: the importance

Before detailing how to get registered on YouTube, it is necessary to understand why it is so important to set that goal.

As we highlighted earlier, the video format is leading the way on the content marketing stage.

In that context, YouTube is currently the leading platform when it comes to video blogging (digging), sharing, and video marketing.

It is a powerful free tool offered by Google and that many, (including us), love it.

Let us remember that Facebook and Twitter recently became part of that play, optimizing their platforms for the exhibition of videos, but still, they have not managed to reach the impact that YouTube causes.

YouTube was born to disseminate videos and it is no coincidence that it has become synonymous when it comes to this type of content on the web.

If you have a channel on that social network, you may wonder how to get more subscribers and increase the reach of your videos.

After all, as we said, there are more than a billion unique YouTube visitors a month.

They are people who are online daily, consuming what the platform offers them.

Therefore, there is a potential large audience for each downloaded video.

And in your case, it is no different – what you need is to find the right audience.

YouTube is the ideal platform for the consumption of videos, be it those made just to pass the time, those that present the summary of a product or service, and so on.

If you do not walk inside that tool, it will be difficult to find you.

So much so, that today it is the second most used tracking mechanism, after Google, which occupies the first place.

In addition, with the number of stars (so-called doubters) on the daily rise, it is definitely a platform to consider for any and all online marketing and advertising strategy.

It can be the perfect channel for bloggers to expand their reach on the internet, establish a personal connection with their followers, and generate huge volumes of traffic.

Although, the first step should be to capture the followers.

That’s the central question we set out to answer in this article: How do you get subscribed to YouTube?

From now on, you are going to absorb the 11 tips that will make all the difference in your results.

They are suggestions both for people who are starting their journey on YouTube, and for those who have already launched their channel on the air.

Recommendations will help you lay the foundation for your brand on that platform.

Let’s keep going!

1. Determine a theme for your channel

1. Determine a theme for your channel

The first step in starting your YouTube journey is planning the issue your channel will address.

In other words, it is necessary to define a theme and organize the structure of the videos.

Try to discover what you like to create the most and focus on developing your videos with related topics and skills.

If you already have a business or company idea in mind, that will be a good niche to take advantage of.

As much as you admire YouTube channel trends, don’t copy them.

To be successful, it is more important to do what you like and what you know how to do well.

Visitors tend to have a better involvement and interest in the videos, if there is a defined script first.

This tool helps to organize your videos efficiently and at the same time, it keeps you on the right track.

It also serves to focus on a certain topic and ensure that the scenes and actions have perfect movement, resulting in a correctly segmented video.

Ideally, include as much detail as possible in the script:

Among them we can mention:

  • The exact words you want to say;
  • The actions that you are going to perform in the video;
  • The main points you want to highlight;
  • All the (Call to Action -Calls to Action) necessary to invite the user to execute a certain action.

Identify your target audience and write the script based on how people understand what they see. Try to use the same language.

Does the audience express themselves in a more technical way?

What are the levels of specialization in relation to your content?

Do they prefer something fun or informative?

All of those questions are crucial to knowing your recipients.

Also, many YouTube channels show a kind of trailer at the top of the page. It is displayed automatically when visitors enter.

Creating a trailer is a good resource to explain to the public what your channel is about, making clear what they can expect from you.

You can group images from your past videos or deliver your message directly.

Then ask them to sign up for the channel.

The important thing is to be objective and keep the duration between 30 and 60 seconds.

In other words, your message must be clear and concise.

2. Post amazing content

I tell you the truth: you must produce attractive, informative and light content.

Or, there will be no way to get subscribed to YouTube.

If you have those three characteristics in mind, try to keep them throughout the video.

Losing the hook in the middle can cost you a lot of spectators.

It is very easy for the audience to close one window and open another, until they find what they want.

And even worse: maybe he won’t access your channel again.

You can create any content, according to your market niche and your audience.

But the content that really works is fun and informative at the same time.

This is a model for any type of content marketing, although of course, there are strategies that are more inclined to humor than others.

Regardless of yours, before uploading the videos, confirm if they are eye-catching enough and if they will add any value to your audience.

Otherwise, it will be wasted time (for them and for you).

3. Post consistently

3. Post consistently

The main reason someone signs up for a YouTube channel is because they like the editor’s job and want to see more videos.

That is obvious, but it must not be forgotten.

YouTube subscribers often abandon channels that don’t produce content regularly.

Especially in today’s digital age, consumers want more and more entertainment.

They find the content that best suits their wishes. They become followers, fans and even disseminators.

You have to be able to keep up with the demands of your subscribers.

Consistency is the key to developing a good and lasting relationship with them.

Launch your videos in a timely, frequent and structured way.

Try to post one video a week, or at least two or three days a month.

Make a schedule and don’t upload videos outside of your schedule.

This can hurt your reputation.

It’s like watching your favorite TV series: a new episode comes out, according to a regular schedule.

Think of that constancy as the key for the user to “hook” on the channel and eagerly await the new video.

4. Make some Evergreen videos

Simply put, Evergreen videos are videos that stay relevant over time.

It’s like they don’t age.

You see them today and five years later they have marked you in the same way.

Great for your goals, right?

They are great for getting more YouTube subscribers naturally.

But they work better in some niches than others.

In general, evergreen content is geared towards beginners.

So most of that content explains how to do something.

Does it mean that it should not be part of your strategy?

I didn’t say that!

But use it sparingly, only after you know your audience well and what you have to offer.

5. Make notes or annotations

The annotations are called “pop ups” – which are sometimes annoying – and appear while the video is showing.

Although, they are a true blessing to increase the subscribers of your channels.

When used in a weighted way, you will get your visitors to click on them during the video, which can result in more subscriptions.

Also, they are a great way to add your CTAs – Calls to Action.

For example, a simple link created to sign up for the channel can be added to the end of the video.

The important thing is to do it discreetly.

Thus, you will see the number of your subscriptions increase.

Listen to me, I tell you again, the secret is not to be unbearable, not to go overboard.

Users are not going to sign up if your only reason for creating videos is to get more people to follow that path.

Offer more relevant content and you will reap the fruits of that strategy.

6. Create involvement with your audience

6. Create involvement with your audience

YouTube, as well as other social networks, is based on the involvement, connection and interaction between people.

That way, when your subscribers know you care about them, they care about you too.

It’s that simple.

Therefore, it is necessary to invest time in the involvement with your audience, listen to their requests in the comments section and establish a two-way communication.

Make sure to respond to all the comments they leave on your videos.

Then your viewers feel connected to you all the time.

You will also build trust and respect for your brand.

7. Use effective tags in your videos

It should be remembered that the low number of views of a certain video may not always be attributed to the offer of regular quality content.

In other words, this result is also likely due to an inappropriate search.

The tags or Meta tags are a kind of label that describes your content for search mechanisms or tracking.

As we explained before, YouTube is today the second channel used for this purpose.

This being the case, how do tags help meet the challenge of getting subscribers to YouTube?

You must understand that these are resources that contribute so that you are easily discovered, both on Google and on YouTube itself.

A good outlet for keyword ideas is to use the Google Keyword Planner.

You need to show up and be seen.

That is an inherent principle of marketing.

So remember to add all the keywords in your videos.

The secret is not to fill the video with keywords, but to include some terms that have a good number of searches.

You can also explore other videos of the competition, for example, see which tags they are using.

Remember that benchmarking is learning with those who compete with you in the market.

8. Use YouTube Ads

8. Use YouTube Ads We have spoken that there are mechanisms to obtain subscribers to YouTube, through an organic strategy, without costs and that also saves effort and time.

But there are also ways to beat the results: open the wallet and take out the card.

YouTube Ads is the site’s own paid ad platform.

Using this tool helps increase your subscriber base more effectively.

It allows you to make a good segmentation (gender, age, place, etc.) and reach the ideal audience for that content, optimizing the ROI (Return on Investment).

Another positive point is that the collection is made only, if the user executes the action that you want.

Payment can be made by CPC (Cost per Click) or CPV (Cost per View).

This makes it easy to control your campaigns and results.

9. Invite people to sign up for your channel (CTA)

Obviously, asking viewers to like and sign up for your channel at the end of each video is a basic procedure for generating good results.

Likewise, you can explain to them the reason why they should register and the benefits it will bring them.

Keep in mind that after signing up, you have to fulfill your promise and meet the demand to keep those subscribers interested and involved in the channel.

The work of conquering and retaining subscribers as part of your audience should never stop.

10. Use the playlist resource

You worked hard to acquire a visitor for the first time, right?

He had to add a meaningful keyword linked to what he is interested in, watch your video in YouTube results, and finally click.

Now the challenge ahead is to transform that occasional visitor into a subscriber.

To give you a hand in that mission, we recommend creating playlists, it is a fundamental weapon.

They drive content consumption, retain subscribers, and increase video watch time.

Try to create them by segmenting your audience into user groups that will circulate among your videos.

For example, a playlist aimed at first-time visitors, containing the best videos, or playlists that talk about the same topic.

The more you know what your audience is attracted to, the more effective your circulation will be on the channel.

11. Don’t buy followers

Just like it happens on Instagram, on YouTube there is the possibility of getting registered when you pay.

However, this practice hurts more than it helps.

The truth is, you can backfire.

In addition to being unethical, you end up spending to buy an audience that may not be interested in your content and it will not bring you any benefit.

Even your account runs the risk of being suspended, canceled and deleted from YouTube.

Bottom line: Forget it.

Or rather, never make that mistake.

Start capturing leads with Klickpages today

Start capturing leads with Klickpages today

Did you know that you can also use your videos to capture leads?

If you have a good audience, why not attract them to your contact base?

You can offer a newsletter with news, perhaps download an e-book or enroll in a course.

For this, you only need a well-built CTA and a landing page that will confirm the desired conversions.

Pay attention to the three basic steps to create yours, using Klickpages:

  1. Choose your model: know the high conversion alternatives proven by tests.
  2. Customize the page: edit the texts, colors and images, as well as hide the elements that do not contribute.
  3. Publish: finally, you only need to publish your own domain, without additional hosting costs.



In this article we saw that it is possible to get subscribed to YouTube for practically free.

By investing time and effort to build a well-thought-out strategy, you attract your audience organically.

Over time, you can evaluate your results, through a marketing plan with paid media, called YouTube Ads.

The important thing is that you dedicate yourself to the study of your audience from what you offer.

Find the ideal followers for your project and deal with them with great care.

Produce relevant content.

If you follow the advice outlined throughout this text, you will be very close to success.

Good luck!