How to do creative, high-converting email marketing and examples

What if I told you that there is a simple, low cost and super effective way to drive traffic to your site, improve your relationships with leads and customers, and still increase your conversions?

That would be excellent news, right?

Well get ready because that form really exists and is called email marketing.

Today, it is the best and cheapest tool to strengthen ties with consumers and achieve conversions.

And also one of the most important tactics of a digital marketing strategy.

You know why?

If not, you came to the right place. In this article I am going to show you the importance of email marketing, its advantages and how to create creative emails that convert.

To begin, you have to understand what email marketing is.

What is email marketing?

What is email marketing

Email marketing is currently the most efficient form of communication between companies and their leads and customers.

It is also one of the most important tactics in digital marketing strategy.

Whether it is to talk about a promotion, tell the news that your business offers or welcome, email marketing is the perfect tool.

At first, many exaggerated sending mailings.

This was because email was used as a mass communication channel, whose content was not always relevant to the user.

For this reason, many people came to consider it an invasive resource.

Time passed and marketing strategies evolved. The email accompanied that transition.

The tool is now considered a more direct and personal way of communication with consumers, with which it is possible to strengthen relationships between companies and customers.

Role of email marketing in your strategy

Role of email marketing in your strategy

When someone gives you permission to send them emails, it means that you somehow have access to a part of their personal life.

It even means that he is open to dialogue and is interested in you talking about what you offer.

Then, the role of email marketing within your marketing strategy is to cultivate that relationship.

And this is achieved in the following ways:

Engage leads

When the lead is ready to take action, I am sure you would like to be remembered about your brand.

The email serves to remind you that your company is ready the moment you decide to make the purchase.

Nurture leads

Role of email marketing in your strategy

It is about showing them the reason why your product or service is the best, and thus, eliminating possible objections they have to make the purchase.

Nurturing your leads is a very important procedure!

From the moment a simple visitor becomes a lead, they need to be fed with useful and valuable information.

This will help you:

  1. Reverse any signs on their part of leaving your lead base
  2. Drive her calmly to do the shopping

Advantages of email marketing

Closing the relationship between the company and the consumer is not the only advantage of email marketing.

According to the radiate survey, there are millions of email users. In other words, it is an easy way to get in touch with your consumers.

There are other advantages to using email marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

Foreseeable scope

Different from what happens on social networks, where not all your fan base receives your content, in email, that is guaranteed.

In other words, if you choose to send a message to 200 contacts, they will all receive it.

Unless there is a problem with the suppliers (in the shipping route), the receipt is a fact.

Drive traffic to the website

All email marketing can, or better said, should direct the user to a website or landing page of your business.

It can be to the page that shows the promotion of a product or some other content that you produce.

Thus, you bring more qualified traffic to your page of interest and lead the user to make a conversion.

Easy to measure

Advantages of email marketing

Because it is targeted and easily controlled content, the data generated by email is simple to measure and analyze regularly.

It is possible to track the number of clicks, the conversion rate and the rejection rate. Also, you can know how many people received and opened the message.

Therefore, it is easy to create reports and analyze if the strategy is working and what needs to be improved.

Good cost-benefit ratio

The cost to send an email is extremely low, it is not necessary to have many resources.

With a domain, an email marketing tool, and a person to execute the strategy, you are ready to put it into action.

The cost-benefit ratio of email marketing is also one of the best.

As I mentioned before, the receipt of the message is a fact.

You don’t spend a lot and you manage to reach a large number of people.

Personalization and Segmentation

Advantages of email marketing

When a person registers to receive emails from a company or store, it is common for them to provide other additional information such as age and gender.

With this information, you can now personalize the emails for each lead or client, using their name for example.

This data is also useful to segment your email marketing campaigns.

You can create specific emails for a certain age, or for people who live in a particular city.

And most importantly: you can segment your audience by the level they are at in the customer journey.

Types of email marketing

A good email marketing strategy offers its users different types of messages.

It is not enough to present promotions and call the customer or lead to a purchase, it is also necessary to deliver content to them.

It is a way of talking to your audience, of building a closer and more profitable relationship with them.

There are some campaigns and emails that should be part of your strategy.

I will refer to the most important ones.

Transactional emails

Have you seen that when you make a purchase on a website, you receive a confirmation email?

Or when you forget the password you registered and you get a message to create a new one?

Both are typical examples of transactional email.

They are automatic messages that the user receives after taking an action on your page.

If you have an eBook for free download on your page, the thank you email with the content link is also considered transactional.

Transaction messages, inclusive, are a great way to call the user for a conversion.

Be it for a primary conversion: download other content, make a purchase, or secondary conversions: make a call for a like on your company’s social networks.


The newsletter is the most versatile type of email in the strategy. Therefore, it is one of the most important.

Widely used in ecommerce, it is a way to keep users updated weekly or monthly on promotional actions or news that have to do with the company.

For example, it is also possible to disseminate content such as a case study of your business, a new article on your blog, or a video on YouTube.

Through the newsletter it is possible to send a mixture of information, this allows you to better understand your audience.

Instead of analyzing metrics such as email open rates, you will be able to evaluate which content draws the most attention from users.

By having that information in your hands, it will be easier for you to segment your next campaigns.


When I say promotional, I am not referring to an email that only discloses promotions of products or services.

I’m talking about promoting an offer. It can be a free content that you are offering at a certain moment or a product in fact.

That type of email marketing is simple, and when properly crafted, it can lead to high conversion rates.

The secret is to optimize the message, that is, segment it appropriately.

Therefore, use your information base on leads and customers to define well the audience of your offer.

Don’t let your message fall into the spam tray

Don't let your message fall into the spam tray

The line between spam and email marketing is very thin.

Well, both are used for commercial purposes.

Spam is normally that email that you receive without having authorized it, without having provided your email address to the sender.

This happens because many companies buy email lists to send messages, not only to their target audience, but to anyone. And they do it indiscriminately.

In email marketing, the thing is different. The person gives their consent to receive the messages. This is called opt-in.

Then, what represents the most marked difference between the two is, whether or not the recipient allowed the use of their email to receive information.

However, spamming has become so common that email providers themselves have mechanisms to block unwanted messages.

Every now and then, a message deemed friendly can end up in the spam bin.

And when this happens, it is difficult to get out of there.

So, it is better to take some care so that your emails do not reach spam.

Don’t buy email lists

The practice of buying lists is not welcomed by email services, nor by users.

Well speaking clearly, who likes to receive messages with questions that do not interest him?

On the other hand, lists are not beneficial for your business either.

As I told you, the addresses are of people who did not give permission to use their emails, they probably do not see importance in what you offer.

In addition, when the user marks your message as spam, it impairs the deliverability of the email to other people, and consequently, it affects the credibility of the sender.

Do a cleaning on your lists

It is important to regularly clean your lists well. That is, separate inactive emails and also those that are not valid for your campaigns.

An example, when you send a message to a large number of mails that do not work, it means that your list has no quality.

And email providers assess that your message is not relevant to users and lead it to the spam tray.

Write messages without spam face

Commonly, spammers have headlines with overly miraculous offers, colored text and phrases in red to attract attention.

My advice: the less loaded your message is, the better.

Try balance (text, color, and image). No exaggerations.

Take a look at this:

  • Write short subjects, use a maximum of 50 words, and do not use capital letters.
  • Do not use the terms free, free, promotion.
  • Avoid using exclamation marks.
  • Prioritize text and always place alt tags.

Very important:

Just as there is the opt in process, in which the user informs their email and authorizes you to send them messages, there is also an opposite process, the opt out.

No one should be forced to receive emails for life.

You have to give the user the option to stop being part of your list when he decides.

In general, spam does not offer that alternative. That being the case, don’t forget to add this function to your emails.

How to do creative email marketing

Creativity is something that you work on.

In most cases, good ideas don’t just happen, they are the result of a lot of planning (brainstorming).

But there are tips and ways to generate good ideas more easily.

Know your audience and do the right targeting

How to do creative email marketing

One of the secrets of any marketing campaign is to understand the audience and identify the person in your business.

It is important so that you can communicate in the best possible way with your user base.

With this, you will be able to segment your campaigns directed to email lists.

Sending a message to all your leads can generate negative results, since not all have the same interests.

Segmentation is necessary for you to reach leads, those who pay attention to what you offer at that moment.

That will guarantee a more resounding success in your campaigns.

Produce content with the reader in mind

When you’re aware of your audience’s tastes and what works best for them, it’s time to produce targeted content.

You don’t win the reader over with just an incredible call or a great offer. You conquer it also through good conversation.

When thinking about the content, it is necessary to write the email in a way that the user feels that it was prepared especially for him.

Then, use the active voice (who performs the action) and adapt the tone to the profile of each audience.

If possible, take the opportunity to personalize the emails with the names and some data of the readers.

Create an attractive title

There is no use building a terrific email that suits your audience if no one opens it or reads it.

You need to attract the reader using the subject of the email.

Spend some time coming up with something that is eye-catching and helps persuade the person to open the message.

Not sure what to write? The advice is that you use references.

Subscribe to newsletters from other sites, which may also be attractive to your audience. Pay attention to the types of subjects they use.

Make a compilation of the ones you liked the most and think they might work. Adapt them to your emails and test them.

Complement the matter with the preview text

Have you noticed that after the subject there is usually a brief previous information of what is written in the email?

It is exactly the preview text, also known as the preheater or support text.

Many do not pay attention to that little fragment, but it is an excellent chance to continue cultivating the lead and the client.

This represents a second chance to convince the recipient to open your email.

Don’t forget to think about those important add-ons. But be careful, the longer the subject of the email, the less space you have left for the preview text.

Use humor

Funny situations that make you laugh, are saved in memory.

So why not create a message that has humor so that the reader associates your brand with a positive sentiment?

It is not about making fun with anything. Ideally, your proposal is related to the dreams and desires of your audience.

Use images and gifs to give text dynamism

How to do creative email marketing

Images are interesting for email marketing. They attract attention and manage to convey a message more easily.

Use them with a clear purpose, not as an ornament.

They can support the text, to complete or illustrate the information, or even to communicate the main message.

The same in the case of gifs. This image format has been very successful on the internet to give dynamism to the text.

Sending videos by email is a bit complicated, as they are very heavy.

The gif helps make the message more striking and using it you can have good results.

For example, if the audience is more serious and conservative, you can use the gif to show the evolution of a graph.

On the other hand, if it is a list of younger people, you can use playful gifs that allow you to play and create a connection with your audience.

Do not forget the necessary harmony between the text and the image. Messages with a lot of image and little text have a great chance of falling into the spam tray.

Play with calls to action – CTAs

You want your lead or client to perform the action of opening your message.

Whether it’s a purchase or driving traffic to your site, the real goal is a conversion.

In such a way that the calls to action must be clear and suggestive.

How about thinking outside the box right now?

Although they work, sometimes it is good to get out of the ordinary. In other words, “download here”, “buy now” and things like that.

Think beyond posting product suggestions and a purchase call.

Create different shapes that captivate, awaken curiosity and desire.

Use memorial dates

Commemorative or special dates are more than opportune to create campaigns out of the ordinary.

Apart from the best-known ones, such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, the day of affection and friendship, look for other interesting dates that you can take advantage of.

Let’s assume you are a coach.

A good idea is to think of creative emails, using the day of the professions, congratulating or offering a special discount to people of a certain occupation.

Creative email marketing examples

As I quoted before, subscribe to newsletters and sign up for sites that have good email marketing campaigns to give you inspiration.

Use Klicksend as your email marketing tool and guarantee the success of your campaigns

Use Klicksend as your email marketing tool and guarantee the success of your campaigns

A good email marketing strategy is not just about creating creative emails that properly dialogue with the public.

You also need to choose an email marketing tool like Klicksend (translate page for Hispanic audience).

This will help you create lists with tags to facilitate the organization of your email base and make a segmentation with precision.

In addition, with Klicksend you will be able to measure your campaigns and thus know what is working and what is not. All with the aim of helping you increase your conversion rate.

Putting together the advice I gave you throughout this article and with a powerful email marketing tool in your hands, your success is a fact.



If you reached the end of this article, you surely understood what email marketing is and what its importance is for a good digital marketing strategy.

Without a doubt, it is the most effective tool when it comes to bringing companies closer to their contact base.

It is also a simple and cheap way to strengthen the relationship with your leads and customers.

As you saw in the text, not much is necessary to make this communication tool work.

Now you are ready to create creative and effective emails that increase your conversions.

Choose an email marketing tool like Klicksend, segment your audience and put ideas in motion.

See you here soon!