How about increasing your turnover by building the perfect sales marketing strategy? Bringing the commercial and disclosure areas of the company closer together is not just a recommendation, it is a requirement for those who intend to obtain sustainable growth.

Don’t you come following that path? There is still time to check your actions. Are your products without movement on the shelves?

What is Sales Marketing, why is it important and how to apply it

This reveals the diagnosis that marketing and sales are not articulating properly. Many companies may have quality products, but they don’t sell – or at least, not in the desired volume.

In this case, the problem does not lie in the lack of qualities of the solution offered, but in the absence of a sales marketing strategy focused on attracting new customers and increasing profits. If you have not yet applied any such strategy, but have an interest in the matter, continue here with me.

When you finish this article, you will understand the concept of sales marketing, its importance and how to make your actions happen.

What is sales marketing?

What is sales marketing

You may not have noticed, but sales marketing strategies which are used by the team of Blue World City, are increasingly present in the market, albeit in subtle ways. Even, you must have already been a participant in one of them as public.

And so what is sales marketing? It is not difficult to understand.

In short, unlike common marketing, which aims to communicate with the audience, sales focuses on planning and selecting products or services that companies judge to be of interest to customers. From this, a set of strategies acts on the audience and tries to convince them that your solution is the best on the market and brings everything together to meet their need.

Remember that you can have the best product on the market, but if you don’t start thinking about a sales marketing strategy, it will probably sit still on the shelf. Why does this happen?

The reason as understandable as that old dictation “we only remember, what we see.” Translating for the world of sales marketing, it would be something like “product that is not seen, not sold”, or “the customer who does not know your product/service, will never buy it.”

The main objective here is to visualize your campaigns, whatever the path you chose to support the sales process. We know that selling is not such an easy task, since it has to do with several factors that go beyond the solution itself and the skill of the seller.

Ideally, you should sit down to brainstorm with your sales and marketing team. Together they can develop a plan that manages to break down the barriers created by the clients themselves.

Rather, face and overcome the so-called sales objections. With the popularization of the internet and smartphones, consumer habits are changing rapidly. We have increasingly informed and demanding consumers. This implies a greater effort to convince them to buy your product or service, as there is a lot of competition.

What is the importance of sales marketing?

What is the importance of sales marketing

As I mentioned, the concept of sales marketing is related to prospecting for new customers, therefore, increasing the sales of products or services. Even because the success of a company is based on this question. And tell me, what business does not want to sell more and be the market leader?

Therefore, if your company has not yet incorporated this practice, you have time not to be left behind. You need to open your eyes to this new need and start investing in sales marketing planning.

Still do not understand its importance? Your actions, when well done, will attract more customers and potentials, increase monthly income, build loyalty, win minds and hearts. More than consumers, they can become fans of your brand.

It is there that they begin to play the role of indirect disseminators. As you can see, the benefits form a cascading effect. I cannot over emphasize the importance of sales marketing when it comes to customer loyalty and retention.

It is necessary to think about post-sale actions that stimulate the relationship between your company and the public. Thus, you add value to your brand and place it as the favorite of your audience. And this does not happen only due to the qualities of the product, but to all the consumer experience and advantages that you get with what you offer.

Equally important are relationship marketing actions. By strengthening the bond with your customers, you establish a joint strategy with sales marketing. At the end of the day, winning a new client can cost much more than keeping those who are already in your base, duly loyal.

This is not theory. It’s reality.

How to do sales marketing?

How to do sales marketing

You realized that having a sales marketing plan is vital for any business, small or large. Even small entrepreneurs should not give up on a well-built strategy focused on the customer’s profile. The objective of this planning is focused on winning customers and keeping them loyal for a long time

It is strategic, that is, it must include numbers, realities and purposes. In addition, it should describe all the tools and tactics that you are going to use to achieve what you set out to do in terms of sales. Determine this instrument as your plan of action.

That is, define what you are going to sell, who is going to want to buy and the tactics you are going to use to generate leads that result in real sales. With that in mind, I selected some basic steps for you to apply sales marketing as an integral part of your overall marketing strategy.

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Pay attention:

Study your audience

First of all, the first step is to get to know your audience from head to toe. I am not exaggerating. I repeat, you can have the best product on the market with competitive prices and other aspects that differentiate you. But that is not enough.

The public must know who you are, how you are, you must notice yourself to the audience that interests you. Otherwise, sales are not made. For this reason, at this stage of the process, it is essential to work on the creation of your personal buyers. It means that you have to make a list of everything you know about your ideal client.

This includes basic demographic information, such as gender, age, habits, and preferences. All the common characteristics of clients and prospects help to make up the so-called person (ideal client).

You should also drill down and add data about their behaviors and decision-making. Why did they decide to buy from you? What is the need that your product or service solves for them or the challenge that you meet them? What do they do in their spare time?

In which channels do they seek to obtain information and consume content? These and some other questions bring you closer to discovering the customer profile for your business. Gather whatever information you can find and incorporate it into this phase of inquiry.

Knowing your client in a comprehensive way will be useful to identify tactics and propose sales marketing strategies. And in this way, offer the right product at the right time.

Presentation of the product

How to do sales marketing

Take note: when you get your visual identity, slogan or advertising messages right, the public’s interest in knowing your brand awakens almost immediately. Of course, this happens when the appropriate audience is reached. And it is exactly what you must do when presenting your product.

You have to develop a message that impacts potential customers, serves as a stimulus to get them out of their comfort zone and look for you. Remember that, in addition to the visual qualities that the product has, such as the packaging, color, typography, it is necessary that these serve as a stimulus to establish efficient communication between you and your client.

You have the challenge of getting your client to identify with you, so that your company is engraved in their mind. So even if the need to buy is not instantaneous when it arises, he will remember you.

It is important to note that your message is directed to your audience and not to you. It may seem like a superficial difference but make no mistake. You must think with your client’s logic and use their language.

In this way, the chances that your strategy will be successful are much higher.


It is undeniable that price is another preponderant factor in the client’s decision-making process. Although there are those who value other factors, such as quality, they always look for the best cost-benefit ratio. In short, they would like to get the best price.

In addition to the monetary value that you must pay for your product, it is interesting to define other elements that impact the customer’s decision. Among them, it is worth mentioning the forms of payment and the extension of the first installment.

Keep in mind that the purchase conditions must be perceived as attractive and advantageous. Many times, facilitating payment can have a positive effect, add value and be the missing component for your company to be the one chosen at the time of purchase.

There may be other products on the market, but if your brand has great added value, people are going to be willing to pay a higher price for what you offer. Well, a good deal is not just about price.

Promotion actions

I’m going to differentiate the concepts so you don’t get confused. I am not talking about giving discounts. Although these may be part of the actions, the focus is on the strategies to promote your product and service.

In other words, publicize it in the market, make it known more and more. It is the opportune occasion to put creativity into practice and define the best ways to promote, choose the most appropriate points of sale, among other things. . The important thing is that you manage to arouse enough curiosity and interest for the customer to take an action.

He must get out of inertia and feel prompted to get to know your company, before deciding to make the purchase.


How to do sales marketing

There is no marketing without good communication planning. This plays an elementary role in the sales process. Ideally, your company has different communication channels.

It is through them that your audience will be able to communicate with you, ask questions, issue evaluations, express an opinion about your product or service, among other valuable forms of interaction.

Even more important is to keep communication active. Listen to your client and extract from the conversations the insights that allow you to improve your solution.


As I mentioned, creating an impactful message is not enough for you to sustain exponential sales growth by itself. It is necessary to have some support. In addition to attracting new customers, the sales marketing team needs to create other actions, this time with the goal of retaining people who are already customers.

Among the most common actions used by companies is the offer of benefits. These can further arouse the curiosity of the public. Among those advantages are special discounts, gifts, loyalty programs, prize raffles.

What will happen now? You will notice that there is a greater propensity for the customer to stay buying or to buy again after some time of being away. This is a natural move when you create and assimilate the benefits that your product or service brings you.

Monitor your results

It seems obvious, but it is good to reinforce that like all marketing actions, your strategies aimed at sales must be closely monitored. It is essential that they are carefully analyzed and based on clear criteria, to identify if the performance is being as expected.

Monitoring your results helps to avoid possible problems and failures in your processes. At the same time, it contributes to the planning of new actions to reverse any situation that is necessary. Ideally, you should set goals and objectives for each action.

These will serve as the basis for analyzing the performance of the campaigns.

Marketing and sales: what would one be without the other?

Marketing and sales: what would one be without the other?

Think about this question for a moment. Without marketing, you would not have prospects or leads to follow up. Without good sales technique, your customer conversion rate could drop dramatically. Therefore, marketing and sales must act together, side by side.

This sometimes stays in the field of theory.  Well, in many companies they are departments that do not speak to each other, nor do they exchange information.

I’m going to start with the basics. Marketing is everything you do to reach and persuade your customers and prospects. Now, the sales process is everything you do to conclude a sale or get a contract signed.

Simply put, both are of the utmost importance to the success of a business. Ideally, try to strategically combine the two efforts. That way, you will start to notice healthy and steady growth. However, if efforts show imbalances or those departments are not communicating efficiently, your performance will suffer.

Your marketing should consist of strategies whose scope and results can be measured. You also have to persuade and convince your potential customers that your solution is indeed the best for them.

It is the message that you transmit and that prepares the prospect of the sale, whether in the form of advertising, public relations, and social networks, relationship marketing, branding and other possibilities.

Your sales process consists of interpersonal interaction. Many times it is done through a face-to-face meeting, cold calls (call calling) or through networking. It is everything that has to do with your clients or prospects on a more personal level. Most of the time, those customers themselves reach the sales team because of the efforts that the marketing made in all its actions.

So pay attention.

If the marketing was well executed, you can start moving your prospect from the cold list to what we call a hot list. When your prospects reach that level, it is much easier for the sales professional to complete the transaction. That is why it is so important that you develop a process in which you successfully combine sales and marketing.

Such a strategy will allow you to embrace prospects at all three levels: cold, warm, and hot. It is all a question of balance. The two departments should not be separated and they have to be aware of each other in order for their work to be effective.

They are allies, they have common purposes and they need to help each other. Try to do it like this. Set aside a few minutes and divide your prospect lists and your database into cold, warm, and hot lead categories.

Next, seek to identify a strategy on how to proceed with each group individually. You will see that working in this way, the results achieved tend to be much more effective.

Start capturing leads with Klickpages today

Start capturing leads with Klickpages today

You don’t know how to capture leads? An excellent procedure is to use digital marketing channels for this. What you need at that time is a perfect landing page.

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Did you see that things can be easier and more practical than you thought?


Sales Marketing Conclusion

I think you have taken great advantage of all the information gathered here and have understood the importance of sales marketing. That is the secret to keep your business stable in the market, especially considering the high competitiveness that characterizes today. Faced with stiff competition and the dispute for space in the minds of consumers, you cannot stand still, without renewing your strategies.

Finally, remember that whatever action you propose, your success depends on the joint work between the marketing and sales departments. Only in this way will it be possible to transform potential customers into real and loyal customers.

You already know that you have Klickpages and their fabulous landing pages. Before saying goodbye, tell me, what did you think of this article?

Do not forget to leave your comment.

See you soon!