What is Brand Equity, its importance, examples and how to use it?

You may not know it, but you are going to need brand equity. It is one of those strategies that explain the success and leadership of great brands. So, it was time to be inspired by them. If you want your company to dominate a significant portion of the market, you need to add value to […]

digital marketing

Direct Marketing: what is it, types, how to do it, example and cases

Anyone who wants to communicate effectively with their customers depends on direct marketing. It is an excellent option to attract the attention of your audience and generate more sales, spending little. But it’s not about magic, it’s about strategy. As you acquire knowledge about this matter and begin to use direct marketing tools, you are approaching an […]


How to get free subscriptions on YouTube: 11 tips for your business

How to get registered on YouTube and use your mass audience in favor of your business? That is a goal that many want to achieve, not just you. The market is in search of a highly profitable channel such as YouTube, as its tendency is to offer more advantages in the coming years. For starters, […]


What is KPI, why it is important and examples of how to define yours?

If you still don’t know what KPI is, you are losing the chance to measure the performance of your marketing actions. After all, I am talking about one of the main ways to analyze the results of a business. It is a tool that provides accurate data on what is working well or badly in the company. […]


What is a webinar, how does it work, benefits and how to do it

If it is really true that videos are the future on the internet, according to what the surveys indicate, you need to know what a webinar is. It is a powerful digital marketing tool capable of generating leads and acting in the nutrition process until they become clients. As you can see, the use of the webinar […]


All about Marketing: what it is, types, history and the 4 PS of Marketing

¿ What is today the Marketing? Have you ever thought about that? If your company is old in the market, it is surely living a new moment in terms of disclosure and customer attraction strategy. Now, if you are a novice, you were born in the digital age , in which Marketing concepts are totally different from what was […]

A / B Testing

A / B Testing: What It Is, How It Works, Why It Matters, and What to Test

If your campaign needs adaptations, test A / B (A / B Testing) can offer the solution. This is a fantastic method that discovers the best promotional and digital marketing strategies for your business. It can be used to test everything from landing page copies to search ads. And the benefits it provides are enough to make up for the time the […]


Consumer behavior: what it is and factors that influence it

How are you using consumer behavior in your marketing strategy? Beyond having a well-structured sales process, you need to understand how your customer thinks and acts. There is something that motivates him that leads him to seek solutions to his problems. In this sense, the question to ask is: What factors influence consumer behavior? With that starting […]


What is Branding, how to manage your brand and examples

What care do you have with your branding? The attention given to the management of a brand is essential for the results. The leading companies in the market know this very well, and for that reason, they are among the favorites. Such condition depends on presenting authenticity, and thus, distinguishing itself from competitors. It is something […]