User profiling

User profiling: meaning and GDPR privacy rules

The profiling of users is a form of automated decision-making process that has been governed by the European regulations on privacy (GDPR). Since it has many critical aspects and can impact people’s rights, rules have been introduced to ensure maximum transparency on the criteria, purposes of collection, and use of personal data. Meaning of profiling The meaning of profiling is provided […]

Shareholders' agreements

Shareholders’ agreements: what they are and how they work

The agreements are agreements between shareholders that regulate common behavior to influence the life of the company. The shareholders’ agreements [1] are distinct but accessories to the social contract. They implement regulation of different or complementary relationships with respect to that provided for by the articles of association or the deed of incorporation of the company and, given […]

Employment Contract

Is the Employment Contract Compulsory in Written Form?

By law, it is not mandatory to enter into a written employment contract. However, there are several exceptions to this rule. Let’s look at this in more detail. HOW THE WORK RELATIONSHIP IS ESTABLISHED? By law, the employment contract does not need the written form (pursuant to Article 1350 of the Italian Civil Code), this means that the employment relationship can also be concluded […]

innovative startup

How to write the corporate purpose of the innovative startup?

The corporate purpose of the innovative startup must have particular characteristics provided for by law. Let’s see together what it is and how to write the object in the best way. What is the corporate object? The corporate purpose is the description of the activity of a company. The subject is found in the statute, the document that regulates the company, and the relations […]

Part Time Employment

What is the Part Time Employment Agreement?

The Part-Time Employment Agreement (or Part-Time Employment Agreement) governs the relationship between an employer and an employee with reduced working hours (typically, less than 40 hours per week). The length of part-time is usually referred to as a percentage of full-time working hours. For example, if full-time working hours are 40 hours a week and the employee works 20 hours a week, the part-time percentage is 50%. This percentage […]

Merchandising Agreement

What is the Merchandising Agreement?

With the Merchandising Contract, the owner of a trademark (merchandisor or licensor) allows another subject (merchandisee or licensee) to use his distinctive sign in a particular market or product sector. With merchandising, the trademark owner economically exploits the distinctive sign. In particular, it increases the visibility of your brand and can make a profit for its use. In turn, the licensee takes advantage of the […]

Opera Tender Agreement

What is the Opera Tender Agreement

With a work contract, a subject, the client, entrusts the realization of a work of any kind, manual or intellectual, to another subject, the supplier. The latter, by organizing all the necessary means, undertakes to complete the work assuming the economic risk of its execution. The object of this agreement – that is, the realization of a work – […]

Sales Concession Agreement

What is the Sales Concession Agreement

With the Sales Concession Agreement, a manufacturer/wholesaler ( grantor ) sells his products to another entrepreneur ( dealer ) who buys and resells them on the market, in his own name, and on his own behalf. The sales concession contract is an atypical contract widely used as a tool for the distribution of goods. Therefore, not being governed by a specific law, it […]

Social Promotion Association

Social Promotion Association: Guide and Statute

Find out what is necessary to set up a social promotion association (APS). Let’s see what the articles of association and the articles of association must provide to open an APS and what is the applicable tax regime in this case. What is a social promotion association? The association for social promotion or APS is a non-profit organization that carries out activities of […]

Open a Service Company

How to Open a Service Company: Complete Guide?

Find out how to open a service company quickly and easily. Let’s see together the steps to start the business, the best way to do it, and the details on the corporate purpose of the company. What is a service company? With the service company, one or more people make goods or money available to provide services of various kinds (eg […]