What is A / B Testing

If your campaign needs adaptations, test A / B (A / B Testing) can offer the solution.

This is a fantastic method that discovers the best promotional and digital marketing strategies for your business.

It can be used to test everything from landing page copies to search ads.

And the benefits it provides are enough to make up for the time the test lasts.

Even limiting the most effective elements of a promotion, to immediately combine them, can be an excellent strategy.

It is a way for your marketing actions to be much more lucrative and successful.

So, I prepared this article for those who are still on the sidelines, want to know more about the method and refine their strategies.

Here, you will understand the concept of A / B testing, how it works, when to apply it, what are the elements that can be tested and much more.

Go ahead!

What is the A / B Test?


The A / B test is a method used in digital marketing to provide insights on the performance of what is subjected to evaluation.

For example, it can be applied to email marketing or a landing page.

Basically, two versions of a piece are created and the traffic is divided between them.

One is the original, while the other has variations.

Finally, the performance of each one is measured in numbers, which allows us to know which one has the highest conversion rate.

Contrary to multivariate tests, A / B analyzes only one variable at a time.

Thus, your goal is to identify the better of the two in order to invest in it.

How does it work?

How does it work

The A / B testing process works very easily.

The first step is to choose which the best tool to run the tests is.

Once done, you must define a metric to track the results.

You also have to determine the element you are going to test, such as the title, form, call to action (CTA- Call to Action), for example.

From there, wait the necessary time for the test to run and collect the results.

Based on their analysis, you will be able to see which page shows the best performance and implement the necessary changes.

As you may have noticed, it is one of the best ways to optimize your marketing investment.

Why is A / B testing efficient?

Why A / B Testing Is Efficient

A / B testing is efficient.

And it is not difficult to understand why.

It happens that they provide feedback in real time, with concrete numbers on the performance of the pages.

In addition to being a good way out so that your team is not based on guesswork, the application of the tests is important when making decisions.

Provide information, arguments. It is the justification you need for your strategy to be successful.

Where can A / B testing be used?

Where can A / B testing be used?

The most advantageous thing about A / B tests is that there is a range of communication channels in which they can be applied.

All this helps to optimize various points of your marketing strategy.

The tests are usually applied on landing pages of a site.

Also in the emails fired to your contact base.

And even in the ads of Google Ad words and social networks, such as Facebook Ads.

When to do an A / B test?

When to do an A / B test

First of all, the ideal is to define what the most important metric is for your company at that time.

Could it be lead generation? Increase click-through rate?

One way or another, with the metric in mind, it is easier to track performance and identify the need to optimize results.

Are there any landing pages on your site where you noticed a low conversion rate?

Your email marketing campaigns don’t have a good open rate?

Maybe it’s time to run an A / B test and find out, if the page with the variations made, performs better than the current one.

The truth is, there is no reason to stop doing an A / B test periodically.

Although the results are already adequate, they can still improve.

Why lose that chance?

What can you put to the test?

What can you put to the test

One of the main objectives of businesses that invest in digital marketing is the generation of leads, and even more so, qualified leads for sales.

But for there to be a conversion, the visitor must go through a landing page of your site.

This is the deciding factor to convert.

A landing page heavily loaded with text and images can cause the visitor to abandon it.

That is, instead of looking attractive, it becomes repulsive.

I’m sure that’s not what you want.

To prevent this from happening, ideally it should be as clear and clean as possible.

It is precisely with the application of A / B tests on the elements that make up the landing page that you will be able to make it more objective and interesting for visitors.

I selected the main aspects that can and should be altered, when it comes to A / B testing.


Titles play an important role in how the page works.

They help to capture the user’s attention, to introduce the main idea about what a certain page is about and to find out which offer is in question.

Testing positive titles, such as “Generate 5x more leads by following this advice” or negative titles, such as “Find out now about the main mistake in lead generation” is a good way to evaluate the receptivity of the element.


As well as the title, the images also serve to attract the user.

They can present incredible results when changed, especially if you use them as a background.

You can try images of people versus products, or single image versus multiple, for example.

Regardless, try to keep the same line between the images and the rest of your site and your way of communication.



As with images, a landing page with videos increases the chances of conversion.

Instead of descriptive text, you simply put in a video that quickly explains the benefits of the offer.

You can try shorter and longer texts.

Or maybe videos with people speaking and others with slide shows. .

Text (Copy)

For your landing page text, the rule of thumb is: less is better.

In other words, the ideal is to go straight to the point.

Write only what is necessary and make it clear what the benefits of the offer are.

In case it is not possible to synthesize the text, it is important that you present the content in the most dynamic way possible.

Write short paragraphs, add bullet points (essential points), highlight keywords with bold, among other actions that keep the visitor focused on reading.


Have you ever stopped downloading an eBook or any other material because the form was too long?

If this happens.

Forms have a great influence on the conversion rate of your landing pages.

Through them, the user provides their data in exchange for some content.

Therefore, they must also be short and objective.

Testing the number of required spaces is a good start, or a more attractive design, too.

Call to action 

Call to action 

Calls to Action (CTAs) are the final destination of any visitor to your landing page.

These indicate the action to be taken.

After one of them is clicked, the visitor is closer to becoming a lead.

If you notice that your form or your ad is not generating as many leads as you would like, it may be time to make some alteration and observe the results.

And guess who will do it for you?

An A / B test, of course.

Make sure to test colors in calls to action.

A CTA that says “Request a demo here” can get more results than a simple “Submit” button.


Have you heard about the psychology of colors?

It may surprise you, but colors play an important role in our cognitive performance and also influence conversion rates.

Ideally, try contrasting colors and find the one that best suits your landing page.

Dare yourself!

Can I test more than one item at the same time?

I can test more than one item at the same time

At some point you consider that you should alter the colors and images.

Can you do both at the same time?

There are different answers for that question.

The truth depends on the element under analysis.

Let’s say you want to test only one title, but you have three possible variations.

In such a case, running a single test and dividing your visitors (or recipients, if it is an email), into three and not two groups, can still be considered an A / B test.

That would be more efficient than shooting three separate tests (A vs. B, B vs. C, and A vs. C).

You can use a few extra days for your test to run, so that you have enough and more accurate results to support any conclusion.

Now let’s assume you want to test more than one item at the same time, such as Title and Call to Action.

In this case, the process is possible.

But then, this method is now called another way, multivariate test, and its performance is more complicated than A / B.

A / B testing tools 

A / B testing tools 

If you are a beginner in the matter, you should not worry.

There are a number of tools on the market that facilitate the process of running an A / B test.

I selected a few that I consider the main ones.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is a tool from Google itself.

It is widely used to analyze user behavior on websites.

On the platform, it is possible to evaluate nine page changes (maximum) for a specific sample of people.

After the period necessary to collect the results, you get reports that will serve as a guide for your optimizations.

And best of all, it’s free.

Google Website Optimizer

Another service used to run A / B tests is a platform developed by Google specifically for that purpose, called Google Website Optimizer.

In it, you get a real perspective of your strategy, through the quality evaluation of the landing pages, or any other channel that you use to attract the attention of your audience.

As well as the other tools, it allows to analyze the reactions of the users in relation to the proposed contents and formats.

However, the great difference of this tool is its ability to evaluate the variation of more than one element at the same time, also being used in multivariate tests.

It is very easy to access it: you have to have a Google account, at no cost.

Then plan and decide which item to check.

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is a leading tool when it comes to A / B testing.

It is quite intuitive and you do not need to have technical knowledge in programming to make alterations.

It is only necessary that you integrate the HTML to your site and start promoting the variations through the graphic editor of the platform.

Everything according to your taste.

In addition, the tool has the advantage of being able to include several accounts for monitoring.

But unlike Analytics, this is a paid tool.

Even its essential functions, such as the click map, are only allowed when you purchase the Premium version.


Optimizely’s great success is because it eliminates the need for programming professionals to make changes and track results.

The installation process is very fast.

It is enough to add the JavaScript line on the site and start using it.

The only “but” it presents is that some landing pages take longer to load after installation.

Therefore, do not stop checking if that is causing any negative impact on your digital strategy.

Measurement of results

Measurement of results

The last phase of the A / B test is the measurement of the results.

That is, the analysis of the real numbers obtained in the test, in order to identify the variant that presented the best performance.

For this, it is important to take care of some aspects that will help you extract the maximum of relevant information for the optimization of the strategy.

First of all, the following is necessary:

Guarantees statistical significance

You need to determine the number of people in your analysis sample.

This will provide statistical relevance to the results obtained in that particular time period.

For example, how many people must visit the landing page for it to be relevant?

Or, how many should click on the Call to Action?

Figuring out those numbers can be a tough job, if you don’t get along very well with the stats.

But there are tools to calculate the significance of A / B tests that serve as allies in these processes.

Give time to the time

A / B testing is not something that happens overnight.

Depending on the amount of traffic you receive, it may be necessary to run tests that take a few days or a few weeks.

Also, for more accurate results, it is important to be patient and run one test at a time.

Choosing a period of time that is not sufficient for a good measurement can present distorted results.

That way, you don’t get a large enough group of visitors to be statistically accurate.

Running a test for a long time can also lead to negative results.

Take into consideration that there are variables that you cannot control for a very long period.

This is critical for you to understand and explain any statistical anomalies when reviewing your results.

If you still have doubts, stay calm.

It is perfectly normal and reasonable to try again.

The important thing is to discover the best output for your landing page, that is, what is the element under test.

Remember that, taking into account the positive impact that A / B testing can have on your sales and profits, it is worth investing a few weeks to carry out the process properly.

Test one variable at a time and give each one plenty of time to run.

Use only one metric to choose the winner

Remember when I told you that one of the first things you should do when running an AB test is define a main metric to rank performance?

Then, after having waited the necessary time to observe the results, analyzing whether one variation was better than the other will be much more practical thanks to that previously defined metric.

Let’s assume that the variable that you decided to test was the color of the Call to Action of your offer, for example, how “Receive an eBook” or “Request a demo”.

Then, it is understood that the main metric would be the number of clicks that each of the calls had.

At the end of the test, you can identify which calls had the highest number of clicks so that you can make the changes you need: in email marketing, on the landing page, in Google ads, and so on.

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AB Test Conclusion

As you saw in this article, when A / B testing is properly planned, you can make a huge difference in the marketing results of your business.

Don’t forget to pick one variable at a time and don’t be in a rush to collect the results.

Some of them may be noticed only after some time has passed with the test running.

Worth the effort.

With fantastic landing pages like the ones you create on Klickpages, the success of your strategy will be a natural consequence.

See you very soon!