The professional responsible for Digital Marketing left the company: what now?

To help you in this transition, we’ve listed 4 tips on how to act when your company’s Digital Marketing professional leaves it The departure of an employee, in whatever area, is never easy for either side. For both the company and the professional, this is a very delicate moment and should be handled with great care. […]

Composition and Inheritance in Ruby

The Object Orientation paradigm is one of the most popular within software development. Among the applied concepts there are some that are considered the pillars of the paradigm, namely: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. However, in addition to the pillars, another important concept is that of code reuse, where a certain piece of code can be reused by several classes in order […]

Risk Management in Marketing Projects: Learn How to Do It

While the reasons for a marketing project to fail vary widely, the cause is often lack of risk management; learn to work around this problem Risk management is a process that aims to reduce the occurrence of negative events during a project. It encompasses a series of steps such as: planning, risk identification, quantitative and qualitative analysis, […]

The Social Media Funnel: How to Efficiently Track Social Media Results

Thinking about the metrics that really bring results for your business is critical to developing a good social media strategy. For that, it is important to keep in mind what we call the Social Media Funnel. Many companies use social networks to generate business, but many of them end up not thinking in the middle of the process. Because […]

Post-digital era: know 5 priorities for your agency not to be left out of this

Agencies need to truly innovate to fit the volatile and ephemeral time in which we live; see relevant points to be connected to this new era. There are many marketers who say that digital is no longer a trend, of being experimental and even alternative. In fact, today, in all areas of activity, we perceive its applications […]

Weekly News: The Algorithm That Knew Before Coronavirus

A health tech in Canada also learned in 2019 about the propagation of the coronavirus, capturing small tips from various websites on the internet Sounds like a lie, but January is over! I mean, today is still the last day of the month, but everything indicates that tomorrow will be February 1st. And following that […]

Optimizing Factory Girl and Rspec tests

In the development team of Resultados Digitais we use Test Driven Development (TDD). This practice, in addition to mitigating errors that could be introduced by new requirements, helps to maintain code quality. Tests serve as code documentation and provide more security for developers. Still, a covered code testing can generate an overhead runtime, which can be the bottleneck […]