Composition and Inheritance in Ruby

The Object Orientation paradigm is one of the most popular within software development. Among the applied concepts there are some that are considered the pillars of the paradigm, namely : Abstraction , Encapsulation , Inheritance and Polymorphism . However, in addition to the pillars, another important concept is that of code reuse, where a certain piece of code can be reused by several classes in order to […]

The Social Media Funnel: How to Efficiently Track Social Media Results

Thinking about the metrics that really bring results for your business is critical to developing a good social media strategy. For that, it is important to keep in mind what we call the Social Media Funnel. Many companies use social networks to generate business, but many of them end up not thinking in the middle of the process. Because […]

Interaction on social media: 4 pillars for your company to stand out and convert more

Learn How Engaging With Your Audience Can Help You Sell More When we talk about Digital Marketing strategies, it’s almost impossible not to think about good social media management, right? And this includes not only having well-defined editorials, persuasive copies and an iron fist to make effective Social Ads (that is, converting more for less), but […]

Optimizing Factory Girl and RSpec tests

In the development team of Resultados Digitais we use Test Driven Development (TDD) . This practice, in addition to mitigating errors that could be introduced by new requirements, helps to maintain code quality. Tests serve as code documentation and provide more security for developers. Still, a covered code testing can generate an overhead runtime, which can be the bottleneck between the development and deployment into […]

Facebook Analytics: what it is, how to use it and main features of the tool

The Facebook Analytics analysis tool presents information about your audience, useful in companies’ marketing strategies Facebook Analytics is Facebook’s analytics tool that helps you understand how people are interacting with your business. It does this by inspecting mobile apps and websites, making it possible to analyze the entire purchase journey process. Since 2015, Facebook has invested […]